Tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala, India

Itinerary: India - Faces of India

27 December 2017 to 20 January 2018

Your journey engages with a veritable mix of cultures, from British and French colonial history, through Orissa’s ancient Hindu pilgrimage sites punctuated by tribal people untouched by the outside world, and into Tamil Nadu, home to one of the world’s longest living civilizations. You’ll tap in to the spirituality of India and elevate your holiday into a journey of discovery through close encounters with its literature, dance, music, poetry, ancient rituals, sacred offerings and UNESCO World Heritage Sites through a plethora of mighty temple architecture. All this balanced against opportunities to witness the amazing wildlife in the Cardamom Hills and cruise the sultry backwaters of Kerala’s verdant paradise. Kipling said "India is a land all men long to see, and once having had a glimpse could never have enough". This Journey is soul-searching, engaging with mysticism, tropical landscapes and endless sensual delights. "The Faces of India" will sweep you off your feet!

On this Journey you will:

• Discover the sheer diversity of the peoples, places and cultures of the Sub-Continent
• Witness ancient rituals and stunning dance and music
• Gaze in awe at the great pilgrimage sites of rarely visited Orissa
• Encounter untouched tribal peoples living a life imbued with centuries of tradition
• Be amazed by the splendours of the great temples and sculpture of South India
• Immerse yourself in a dazzling swirl of colour, heady spices, flavours and sounds
• Soak up the atmosphere, marvel at the flora and fauna of the Cardamom Hills
• Relax on a rice barge cruise on Kerala’s steamy 'Backwater's'

Our Hotels:

In hand crafting journeys to India for over 30 years, we understand that travel isn't all about a fleeting glimpse of popular mass tourist spots, or always staying at luxury hotels, but is also about time, space, privacy and those special destinations and moments that turn your holiday into a truly magical experience. The Faces of India is a tour for everyone wanting to see India on roads less travelled and explore new horizons rarely encountered. We have chosen hotels rich with atmospheric heritage which, on occasions in remote parts of India, offer more experience and charm rather than great comfort or luxury. You will appreciate our ‘best available’ to 4.5 star residences, Ayurvedic Resorts and converted palaces. You will find yourself staying in many hotels which are simply unlike any others, selected for their quality and local character and heritage ambience; and most importantly the amazing experiences afforded through them and by the local people with whom you will interact.

Participants should note that the order of visits and activities described may be modified to accommodate changes in flight schedules, special access to museums and craftspeople, the pathways chosen by our experienced and knowledgeable local guides, local road conditions and unexpected contingencies such as festivals, street processions or religious ceremonies. All hotels are subject to confirmation and we reserve the right to substitute a hotel of the same standard if necessary.


Daily breakfasts are provided in your hotels. Meals are indicated as B (Breakfast), L (Lunch), D (Dinner).

Yogy, Hindu, Indian Bronze Statue, India


Day 1: 27 December 2017, Adelaide - Kolkata

Fly from Adelaide (or your capital city) departing at 10:25, arriving in Singapore at 15:10. Depart Singapore at 19:00, arriving in Kolkata at 20:45. We will be met and transferred to our hotel.

Day 2: 28 December 2017, Kolkata

Kolkata, the former capital of the British Raj, was once the most important trade centre in all of Asia, and while colonialism in the city is a thing of the past, it’s left a legacy behind. No trip to Kolkata would be complete without engaging with a mix of Raj and Indian attractions, and the city’s best include both. We begin the Journey on a sightseeing tour in Kolkata taking in some of the city highlights. Nothing symbolizes the British Raj quite so much as the Victoria Memorial. This palatial white marble monument was built in 1901 as a tribute to the Queen following her death. Impressive from the outside alone, thanks to the interesting blend of Renaissance and Indo-Saracenic architectural elements, the monument also contains a museum displaying more than 3,500 artefacts from the British colonial period; possibly the most awesome reminder of the Raj to be found in India.

The Indian Museum was founded in 1814, making it the oldest museum in India and home of one of the largest art and artefact collections anywhere in Asia. Within the galleries are superb examples of ancient Buddhist and Hindu sculptures.

Later we visit the enthralling historic quarter of Kumartuli, where potters create lavish images of deities for religious festivals. Its winding lanes are home to an artistic community that carry on a centuries-old tradition. Today Kumartuli is home to a community of more than 400 artisans who create thousands of clay effigies of the Goddess Durga, her children and asuras or demons. The figures are made from straw, bamboo and entel maati, a type of clay gathered from the banks of the River Hooghly that runs parallel to the district.

There may be time to see impressive structures including the Kalighat Kali Temple, Dakshineswar Kali Temple and gaze in awe at the might Hoogly River (one arm of the Ganges) and the Howrah Bridge.

For lovers of textiles, why not visit the Weaver’s Studio, a sophisticated textile gallery and wander around in a daze induced by the wealth of crafts traditions (among other things, India invented block printing, calico, chintz, crewel, and tie-and-dye), and also glorious saris of embroidered kantha cloth or shawls of naturally golden silk from Assam. Time permitting!! Maybe after dinner by arrangement.

Victoria Memorial architectural monument and museum at sunset. Kolkata, India

Day 3: 29 December 2017, Kolkata – Bhubaneswar

Early morning, drive to the airport to connect the flight to Bhubaneswar. Upon arrival, continue to visit the Udaigiri & Khandagiri caves located some 6 km west of city. These two hills are riddled with caves - some ornately carved - and are believed to have been chiselled out by Jain ascetics in the 1st century BC. Further visit the "Museum of Man" an anthropological research centre for tribal customs, beliefs, rituals and languages. Check in at hotel.

After lunch, tour of Parsurameswar Mandir, one of the best preserved ornate Shiva temples in the city built around 650 AD with a cluster of 20 smaller temples around. Further visit Mukteswar and Rajrani temples. The carvings on this temple are particularly ornate, with numerous 'erotic' sculptures.

Day 4: 30 December 2017, Bhubaneswar

Morning, visit the most outstanding 54m high Lingaraj Mandir dedicated to Tribhubaneswar, the lord of the three worlds, Bindu Sagar - an ancient water tank believed to contain water from every holy stream in India. Scattered around this holy tank are smaller temples and shrines.

Afternoon, free in this city renowned for beautiful textiles, unique to Orissa.

Lingaraja Hindu Temple, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

Day 5: 31 December 2017, Bhubaneswar – Pipli – Konark – Puri

After breakfast drive to Puri, en route visiting Pipli and Konark. Pipli is an artist’s village notable for its creation of brilliant applique textile objects such as cushion covers, garden umbrellas, hand bags and the like. At Konark you will gaze in awe at the UNESCO World Heritage 'Sun Temple' (Called by the Raj 'The Black Pagoda' because of its intimately erotic carving - the Karma Sutra in stone) dedicated to Surya, the sun god. Built by King Langula Narashima Deva in the 13th century during the golden era of Orissan art. On the shores of the Arabian Sea the temple replicates the great chariot of Surya, complete with stone wheels and sculpted horses hauling the entire edifice.

Drive on to the seaside town of Puri and celebrate a New Year’s Eve Dinner.

Karma Sutra Stone Carving, Ancient indian Bronze works, Sun Temple, Puri, India

Day 6: 01 January 2018, Puri - Gopalpur on Sea

Puri is one of the four most important Hindu pilgrimage sites in India and situated on the Bay of Bengal. In Puri, visit the great Jagannath Mandir (from outside) dedicated to Vishnu, the Lord of the Universe. Drive to Gopalpur-on-Sea (210 Kms/ 4-5 hrs) visiting Chilka Lake en route. Chilka Lake is one of Asia’s largest brackish lagoons 1100 sq. km in area and host to a million or more migratory birds.

Day 7: 02 January 2018, Gopalpur on Sea – Rayagada via Taptapani

From the peaceful blue water beach of Gopalpur drive to Rayagada (226 Kms/6 hrs) visiting the hot springs of Taptapani on the way. Rayagada lies close to the rolling hills and forests of the Eastern Ghats, home to Orissa’s indigenous tribes.

Day 8: 03 January 2018, Rayagada – Chatikona – Jeypore

n the morning proceed to Chatikona to watch the interesting colourful weekly market of the Doms, Desias and Dongoria Kondh tribes. The Dongoria Kondh tribe is one of the most ancient tribes of India living in the high slopes of the Niyamagiri Hills. These people are horticulturists. Men wear ear-rings, nose-rings and keep their hair long making a side-bun. Later, drive down to Jeypore visiting the Desia Kondh & Jharia Paroja villages. (Total distance - 205 Kms)

Day 9: 04 January 2018, Jeypore – Onukadeli - Lamptaput – Jeypore

In the morning drive to see the fierce Bonda tribes when they come down to trade at the weekly market on Thursday. They live in the remote hills and keep themselves isolated from the world. The Bonda women are noticeable by their bead necklaces, striking brassand silver ornaments and their shaved heads decorated with leaves. Later, proceed to Lamptaput and the nearby villages to see another interesting and ancient tribe of Orissa called Gadabas. They are one of the early settlers of this country and trace their origin to the time of the sacred epic “The Ramayana” (180 Kms)

Dongoria Kondh tribal people, Orissa, India

Day 10: 05 January, 2018, Jeypore - Visakhapatnam – Chennai

Very early this morning we drive south over hilly terrain and flat land to arrive at the coastal city of Visakhapatnam (225Km/5-6Hrs) in the state of Andhra Pradesh to connect with the flight to Chennai. Upon arrival, transfer to our hotel in Chennai city. Rest of the day is at leisure.

Day 11: 06 January 2018, Chennai - Kanchipuram – Mahabalipuram

In the morning, tour of Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu state, along with the visit to the Bronze Gallery of the Government Museum, which has a superb collection of Chola bronze art. Later drive to Mahabalipuram en route visiting the golden city of Kanchipuram, one of the seven sacred cities of India famous for its temples and silk saris & weavers.

Day 12: 07 January 2018, Mahabalipuram

Full day tour in UNESCO World Heritage listed Mahabalipuram, an ancient historic town which was a bustling seaport for ancient Indian traders who travelled all over Southeast Asia. Encounter the famous group of sanctuaries carved from the living rock on the Coromandel Coast during the 7th and 8th centuries; the 5 Rathas (temples in the form of chariots), mandapas (cave sanctuaries), giant open air reliefs “Descent of the Ganges’ and the Shore Temple.

In the later afternoon, gain a unique perspective of traditional Dravidian ways of life as you explore Dakshinachitra art village - an open air museum - and learn about local crafts and customs by visiting the workshops and witness the creation of baskets, pottery, silk weaving and handmade puppets. There may be music and theatre performances.

Dakshinachitra art village followed by dinner.

Ancient basrelief of elephants and other hindu deities at sunset, Shore temple in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India

Day 13: 08 January 2018, Mahabalipuram - Pondicherry

Drive to Pondicherry (135 Kms/ 3-4 hrs), the former French colony, which is a charming Indian coastal town with enduring pockets of French culture. In the afternoon stroll past exotic Tamil and French colonial fusion architecture, and maybe visit the ashram dedicated to Sri Aurobindo.

Yellow color painted walls and french architecture in the french colony of Pondicherry, India

Day 14: 09 January 2018, Pondicherry - Chidambaram - Tanjore, B/L

Drive to through the beautiful countryside punctuated with Tamil Nadu’s stunning Dravidian architecture First stop is Chidambaram. Dedicated to Lord Shiva the temple here is known as the foremost of all temples to devotees of Shiva and has influenced worship, architecture, sculpture and performance art for over two millennia. Its bronze statues and stone sculptures depicting various deities and the famous Thillai trees of the surrounding forest reflect the highpoints of early Chola and Pallava art while its famed gold plated gopuram towers are medieval structural additions. The deity that presides here is Nataraja- Shiva, The Lord of Dance. Chidambaram is the birthplace of the sculpture and bronze image representation of Lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer, a Tamil concept and motif in Chola art that has since become notable as a symbol of Hinduism.

Later drive to the wonderful temple at Gangaikondacholapuram. ('City of the Chola who Conquered the Ganges'), which was built by Rajendra I in the 11th century when he moved the Chola capital here from Thanjavur. The complex's artistic highlights are the wonderfully graceful sculptures around the tower's exterior.

After lunch visit Kumbakonam and Darasuram. Whilst you will notice similarities between the mighty temples of Tanjore and Ganagaikondacholapuram, you will enjoy the small size and intimacy of the UNESCO World Heritage temple of Airavateshawara at Darasuram. Stepping through the gateway, the first glimpse is breath-taking. The main part of the temple is designed as the chariot of Lord Shiva and the whole is covered in magnificent intricate sculpture depicting gods, goddesses, Tamil ‘saints’ and stories from the great epics.

Drive to Tanjore (Thanjavur) (117 Kms/ 3 hrs), the ancient capital of the Chola kings.

Day 15: 10 January 2018, Tanjore - Trichy - Tanjore

Full day tour in Thanjavur, which includes the Brihadishwara Temple – the crowning glory of Chola temple architecture and the fascinating monument enlisted as an UNESCO World Heritage site, Thanjavur palace and the museum. The Brihadeshwarar temple was built by the Tamil king known as Rajaraja Chola I, in compliance to a command given to him in a dream. One of the first great Tamil Chola building projects, the temple's foundations were laid out in 1002 AD. Temples from this period and the following two centuries are an expression of Chola wealth, power and artistic expertise.

Drive to the historic town Tiruchirappalli (Trichy). In Trichy, we visit the city’s famous landmark, the Rock Fort and the Srirangam Temple situated on a high rock on an island.

Day 16: 11 January 2018, Tanjore - Chettinad - Madurai, B/L

Drive to Madurai via Karaikuddi in the Chettinad district visiting a unique village of the Chettias known for their sharp business acumen who have constructed grand mansions in their place of origin that now lie vacant. The merchants and traders who amassed significant fortunes from their role as bankers poured their fortunes into building these remarkable residences, but as their sphere of influence waned, they moved to the new financial capital, Mumbai, leaving the mansions in the hands of caretakers. Special lunchat one of these Chettinad Mansions to sample their exotic cuisine.

Day 17: 12 January 2018, Drive to Madurai

Madurai is one of South India’s oldest cities and has been a centre of learning and pilgrimage for centuries. Visit Sri Meenakshi Temple - a spectacular example of Dravidian architecture. This is one of the South’s great pilgrimage sites which boasts over 33000 sculptures. Then to Tirumalai Nayak Palace – an Indo- Saracenic palace, and the Museum. In the evening stay and relax in your hotel or take a 3-wheeler to return to the Temple to witness the evening rituals or experience Madurai’s bustling markets and street food scene. You can discover local food stalls and savour delectable South Indian flavours in Melamashi Veethi Street. Find a few South Indian specialty restaurants where you can enjoy idly, dosa, vada, paniyaram, idiyappam and chicken chettinad.

Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Inside of Meenakshi Hindu Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Day 18: 13 January 2018, Madurai - Periyar

Drive up the Eastern Ghats into the luxuriant Cardamom Hills and visit the Periyar Sanctuary and, time permitting, travel to the villages nearby in a bullock cart. This journey into the interior of the forest will be an experience to cherish forever. Here you can see playful otters and freshwater tortoise near emerald waters. Besides elephants you will encounter other animals including Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Pigs, Mouse Deer, and Indian Wild Dog. Periyar functions as home to some rare species including Tiger,the Nilgiri Langur, Nilgiri Tahr, Common Langur, rare Lion-tailed Macaque, and Bonnet Macaque.

The vivid bird life that exists here includes Kingfishers, Cormorants, the great Malabar Hornbill, Darters and racket-tailed Drongoes. Reptiles seen on the rocks of the sanctuary comprise of Monitor Lizards, Python and King Cobra.

To observe the wild side of Periyar sanctuary at its best, we take a late afternoon / early evening Boat Cruise on the Periyar Lake.

Touristic boat on the lake in the Periyar National Park, India

Day 19: 14 January 2018, Periyar - Backwaters, Houseboat overnight cruise

Drive to Kumarakom to set sail in boats which are modern-day versions of the traditional kettuvalam haulage vessels, crafted from woven coconut-fibre coir without the use of a single nail. Navigating the backwaters in a traditional houseboat is the ideal way to experience life in Kerala, complete with on-board chef, you'll take in palm fringed lakes, boat-filled canals loaded with coconuts and cashews, and backwater villages washed by the waters that provide villagers with their main form of transport. The heady mix of fresh and salt water provides a haven for a variety array of wildlife, from frogs and water birds to otters and turtles. With the Arabian Sea in the West and a vast network of lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers criss- crossing it, the Kerala backwaters are a place of immense natural beauty with diverse animal and bird life are without doubt one of the great natural waterways of the world. After the intensity of the great South Indian temple towns you’ll relax and soak up the atmosphere as your traditional boats make their way through the lush byways of this verdant paradise.

Overnight stay: Houseboat

Evening scene at the backwaters and House boat in Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Day 20: 15 January 2018, Backwaters, continue cruising

Disembark from houseboats and drive from Alleppey to Kumarakom (50 Km/1.5 hr) Check in at our hotel. Rest of the day at leisure to relax and explore on own.

Day 21: 16 January 2018, Kumarakom - Trichur

Early morning, visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Return to hotel for breakfast. After breakfast drive to Trichur, and visit the temples of Mannanam & Ettumanur en route. Transfer to your hotel.

Day 22: 17 January 2018, Trichur

Today will be a highlight of the journey for many. It’s the great ‘Elephant March’ which begins at the Thekkinkadu grounds with a magnificent array of elegantly caparisoned Tuskers standing tall with their mahouts. You can feed the elephants while the traditional 'Melam' (Keralan orchestra) plays. After the ritual feeding and folk dance performance, it is time for you to enjoy a sumptuous traditional Keralan lunch. After lunch you can enjoy an exciting ride atop the elephants. The inaugural day usually comes toend with splendid safaris.

Elephant procession as part of temple festival at Kerala, India

Day 23: 18 January 2018, Trichur - Kochi

Drive to Kochi where the rest of the day is at leisure. Perhaps Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial influences merge with the legendary spice trade, Arab merchants and Jewish traders, making Kerala a great place to taste multicultural flavours. Search out some beach shacks which cook freshly caught seafood, and street cafes which serve stand-out South Indian dishes like spicy coconut prawns, fish cooked in banana leaves, roast crab, baked mussels and chili-infused fish stroll along the Fort Cochin waterfront. curries.

Day 24: 19 January 2018, Kochi Tour

Today you will experience life in Kochi – start with a visit to the famous Chinese Fishing Nets. The huge cantilevered nets that droop towards the waters like over-sized hammocks, have become a hallmark that represents Fort Kochi on every postcard... Next visit is the St. Francis CSI Church, the oldest European church in India built in 1503, where the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama was originally buried and the Santa Cruz Basilica, one of the finest and most imposing churches in India. Then take a tuk tuk– the most popular mode of transport among the locals; stop at the Dhobi Khana (laundry station), once throbbing with activity, is now a picture of slow extinction. Continue through the small streets of Mattanchery, and arrive at the Fruit market on Palace road where the locals get a variety of fresh and organic produce at bargains prices. Don’t miss a stop at the Spice Market, where the exotic odour of the finest ginger, cloves, cardamom, turmeric and pepper emanate from the spice warehouses lining the street. Make a pause with a refreshing tea at one of the tea shops where you get the “one meter” tea. Later visit the Jewish Synagogue at the heart of what is locally called the Jew Town, and finally the Dutch Palace with its beautiful mural paintings from the 17th century.

Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the old town with its bursting antique shops, restaurants and busy streets. Meet the bus and drive to a Farewell Dinner in a local restaurant.

Chinese fishnets on sunset, Fort Kochin, Kochi, Kerala, India

A visit to Kerala would be incomplete without experiencing the mesmerising art form of the region, the Kathakali Dance. This classical dance brings the great Mahabharata and Ramayana epics to life and is deeply imbued in the culture of Kerala and one of its most significant cultural icons.

Kathakali dance actor, Kerala, India

Day 25: 20 January 2018, Kochi Departure

Free day until a transfer to the airport in the late evening.

There are two flight options. Depart with Singapore Airlines (Silk Air, their regional airline) Flight 5367 at 2235. Arrive in Singapore at 0600. Adelaide participants may elect to purchase a room for 6 hours (and blocks of 2 hours thereafter) at Changi’s Ambassador Airport Hotel.

Depart Singapore with Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 279 at 23:35 arriving in Adelaide the next morning at 09:00. For other state capitals, there will be a choice of several daily flights.

There is also a choice of another flight leaving at 01:05 the following morning. You can transfer to the airport with the main group. It will depend on which flights we can get the best price. It may make better connections to other capitals.

Jagannath idol with elder brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra, Hindu Temple, believed to be avatar of Lord Vishnu


• Airport transfers as per the itinerary
• Domestic flights in India
• Tour Leader from Australia subject to 15 passengers (max group size is 20)
• Guide accompanying the whole group from Kolkata to Visakhapatnam and from Chennai to Kochi
• Escorted by a senior officer from our Delhi Office
• Surface transfers: Kolkata portion; Orissa portion - Bhubaneswar / Pipli / Konark / Puri / Gopalpur on Sea / Rayagada / Jeypore / Visakhapatnam; South India portion – Chennai / Kanchipuram / Mahabalipuram / Pondicherry / Chidambaram / Tanjore / Trichy / Madurai / Periyar / Alleppey / Kumarakom / Trichur / Kochi using private vehicle
• 2 nights accommodation at Peerless Inn, Kolkata or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at Mayfair Herirage, Puri or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at Mayfair Gopalpur on Sea or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at hotel in Rayagada on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at hotel in Jeypore on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at Gateway Chennai, Chennai or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at The Promenade, Pondicherry or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at Ideal Riverview Resort, Tanjore or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at Gateway Madurai, Madurai or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 nights accommodation at Poetree Sarovar Portico or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 1 night accommodation at Houseboat, Alleppey on half board basis (B,D)
• 1 night accommodation at Whispering Palm, Kumarakom or similar on bed and breakfast basis
• 2 nights accommodation at River Retreat Ayurveda Resort, Trichur on bed and breakfast basis
• Sightseeing tours as per the itinerary guided by an English speaking guide
• Monument entrance fees as currently applicable (subject to change)
• New Year’s Eve dinner on 31 Dec at Mayfair Heritage, Puri
• Periyar boatride at Thekkady on 13 Jan 2018
• Forest Entrance at Thekkady
• Kathakali dance performance at Kochi


• International Airfares from Australia
• Visa for India (Zen will provide specific advice and assistance)
• Meals not specified in the itinerary
• Any expenses of a personal nature such as telephone bills, bar bills, laundry bills, camera fees
• Tips (approx. USD 150.00 per person to be disbursed by the tour leader)
• Travel Insurance (compulsory). Please obtain once you have paid for your ticket. If you need assistance, go to:

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Telephone: (08) 8358 1949
E-mail: Sharon

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