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Photo Gallery: Burma - Roads to Mandalay

Burma 'The Golden Land', an inspirational nation with so much history and diversity. Even though Burma has been released from the claws of colonialism and military rule it still remains one of the most isolated nations, with many remote parts still barely accessible. While the nation now finally is a democracy it remains to be seen how much of its valuable culture and traditions will survive. The country has so much to offer it appears almost impossible to see everything but certainly the fabulous Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon, the city of Mandalay, the last Royal capital, the Ayeyarwady River, the former capitals Bagan, Wethali, Ava, and Amarapura are well worth a visit. Natural wonders such as Inle Lake where the inhabitants live on floating islands, which are being used to cultivate flowers or vegetables. In the remote areas it is still possible to encounter Burma's hill tribes, where people's ancient customs and traditions have survived to this day. But thats not all then Burma has some of the best beaches in the world with almost no tourists to be seen but that is likely to change quickly as the country advances in its free market economy. After you have seen Burma The Jewel of Asia it will never be the same again. Enjoy our virtual tour and check out our current tours on offer.

Traditional Burmese dance performance, Burma

Ethnic minorities, Burma

Buddha statues, Shittaung Paya Mrauk U, Burma

Yoke Sone Monastery, Burma

Buddha carvings and Buddha statues, Shittaung Paya Mrauk U, Burma.

Some of the countless golden Buddha statues, Burma

Sunset at the famous Ubein Bridge, Mandalay

A monk ringing a wooden bell and a monk with a traditional burmese umbrella, Mandalay

farmers loading an oxcart with firewood, Burma

Andaw Thein Temple, Mrauk U, Burma

Reels of blue silk, Burma
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