Lijiang, Shanghai, Kormoran fisherman

Photo Gallery: From Shangrila to Shanghai

China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization with ancient traditions, countless minorities, breathtaking scenery and also futuristic cities such as Shanghai with its designer skyline. It is hard to comprehend that cultures have survived to this day with almost no changes to their traditions while the nation is experiencing its economic rise to the top. While robed monks in the north have their daily prayers and you visit hill tribe villages you might also see some masked people surrounded by thousands of onlookers performing ritual dances. Then there is Lijiang, a city in the northwest part of Yunnan province. It is home to the Naxi and several other ethnic minority groups. A commercial center in the 1300's. Magic! A myriad of temples are strewn across the countryside with mindblowing elaborate carvings. The landscapes where the mighty Yangtze meanders through deep valleys are so impressive it is beyond belief. It is a country for travellers who are willing or able to immerse themselves in diversity may that be culture, ancient traditions, religion, language, history, geography or architecture. This photo gallery is a taste of what you can expect to see on our tours. Join us on one of our current tours.

Monks performing traditional ceremony, Yunnan province, China

Ethnic minorities, China

Monks perform a mask dance during Gedong Buddhist Festival, Dongzhulin monastery, Yunnan province, China

Songzanlin Monastery, Shangri-La, China

Young women dressed in Sani ethnic minority costume, Naigu Stone Forest, Shilin, Yunnan Province, China.

Butterfly Dance Performance, China

Lijiang a city in the northwest part of Yunnan province, China

Beautiful temple setting in China

On of the countles ancient temples strewn across the country, China

Temple with elaborate carvings, China

Baishui terrace located at the foot of haba snow mountain and Yangtze River valley, China
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